Membership Information

Membership Information

Membership Info

The Hong Kong Aviation Club’s membership is open to any interested individual age 14 or above. The Club encourages its members to develop their aviation knowledge and piloting skills through flight training, seminars, aviation activities, and other social activities. The Club’s operations is governed by the Articles of Association of the Hong Kong Aviation Club Ltd (as 26 Feb 2015) and the Bye-Laws of the Hong Kong Aviation Club Ltd.

The Club offers two major levels of membership: Full Membership (Flying) and Non-flying Membership. Full Membership provides individuals with access to flight training on Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and up to Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) levels in both Fixed-Wing aircraft and Helicopters issued by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department. The Club has a fleet of seven (7) Cessna fixed-wing aircraft, four (4) Robinson R22 helicopters and one (2) R44 helicopters. These aircraft are available to Full members for flight training; leisure and recreational flying. There is also a simulator for use by Full members for instrument flight training, which is located in the Clubhouse at Kai Tak.

In addition, the Club provides Non-Flying members with the opportunity to access to general aviation activities and dining facilities of the Club. For further information, please contact us at 2713 5171 or email to

Welcome to the World of Aviators!

Flying Membership
Non-Flying Membership
Flying Membership

Membership CategoriesEntrance Fee (HK$)Monthly Subscription (HK$)Monthly Minimum Billing (HK$) Remarks
Full Membership#80,0002,000*200Flying Membership – opens to Student Pilots and P.P.L. Holders. (*include HK$150 special monthly levy for Shek Kong Project)
Youth (Full) Member #80,0001,000* N/AFlying Membership – opens to youngster of aged 14 to 21 (*include HK$75 special monthly levy for Shek Kong Project) (Youth Membership Flexible Installment Scheme).
Married (Full) Member #120,0003,000*200Flying Membership – opens to married couple of Full Members. (*include HK$225 special monthly levy for Shek Kong Project)
Overseas MemberN/A N/A N/A Flying Membership – opens to current HKAC Full Members who reside outside Hong Kong for 6 months or over. An administration fee of HK$4000 will be charged. It is free to re-activate to previous membership status when an Overseas Member returns to Hong Kong.
Temporary Member **80,000 (Security Deposit)3,000* N/AFlying Membership – opens to persons visiting Hong Kong from Overseas Flying Club (PPL holder) or Overseas PPL holder. Maximum term of 3 months without further renewal. (*include HK $225 special monthly levy for Shek Kong Project) (**a security deposit equal to the Full Membership’s joining fee is required)

Non-Flying Membership

Membership CategoriesEntrance Fee (HK$)Monthly Subscription (HK$)Monthly Minimum Billing (HK$)Remarks
Social Corporate Member #80,000160 per nominee200 per nomineeNon-flying Membership – opens to companies with a maximum of 3 nominees per company.
Associate Member #3,000160200Non-flying Membership – opens to persons who wish to enter the Full Membership’s waiting list and/or interested in aviation, food & beverae services of the Club. In the event of upgrading to Full Membership, full amount of the Associate Membership’s entrance fee can be used to offset partial payment of the entrance fee of Full Membership.
General Member1,800

(Entrance Fee $1000 and $800
F & B Coupon)
Annual Fee of HK$6,000 with a non-transferable Food & Beverages Stamps of HK$3,000 (HK$100 x 30 stamps) to be redeemed in
12 consecutive months. Minimum usage of 5 stamps within 2 months period.
Non-flying Membership – opens to persons interested in the aviation, food & beverage services of the Club.

All applications must enclose the following items:

1. Application Form
2. Payment of joining fee
3. HKID Card or Passport copy
4. One passport size photo
5. Signed Banker’s auto-pay authorization (except General Member)

# Members are required to pay an additional month’s subscription January
each year to support annual staff benefits.
Updated: 1 October 2014