Private Pilot License Training

Private Pilot License Training

Private Pilot License Training

Student can choose Fixed-Wing Private Pilot License training or Helicopter Private Pilot License training . The training consists of not less than 40 hours flight training, which will include at least 10 hours “SOLO”, as stipulated by the HKCAD. Flight Training will cover the following exercises:

Exercise 01 – Familiarization with the aircraft
Exercise 02 – Pre and post flight procedures
Exercise 03 – Familiarization flight
Exercise 04 – Effects of Controls
Exercise 05 – Taxiing
Exercise 06 – Straight and level flight
Exercise 07 – Climbing
Exercise 08 – Descending (emergency decent)
Exercise 09 – Medium turns
Exercise 10 – Stalling
Exercise 11 – Spinning
Exercise 12 – Take-off and climb (engine failure after take-off)
Exercise 13 – Approach and Landing (missed approach/landing procedure)
Exercise 14 – First Solo
Exercise 15 – Advanced turning
Exercise 16 – Operation at minimum level
Exercise 17 – Forced landings
Exercise 18 – Pilot Navigation (emergency, fuel shortage, weather deterioration)
Exercise 19 – Instrument Flying

All of the above subjects will be examined during the General Flight Test (GFT)

To fly at our club, please refer to our Membership Information for details. The current “Dual” flying charges per hour on fixed wing using C152 is HK$2,550 & C172/C182 is HK$2,800-3,100, on helicopter using R22 is HK$4,000 & R44 is HK$6,000.
(The rates are subjected to change without prior notice)

Written Examination
Written examination on each following topics are set by the Civil Aviation Department (CAD).
Subject 01 – Aviation Law, Flight Rules & Procedures
Subject 02 – Radio Telephony
Subject 03 – Airframes and Engines
Subject 04 – Technical Part II
Subject 05 – Navigation
Subject 06 – Human Performance and Limitations
Subject 07 – Meteorology
HKAC Flight Simulator
HKAC Flight Simulator (Start up guide and Manual)
Private Pilot License Theory Ground Subject Course

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Instructors Course

The HKAC also offers an AFIC, Assistant Flying Instructors Course, details can be discussed with the Chief Flying Instructor at 2711-5555.

Coming Soon

As special courses and/or refresher’s become available, we will let you know, and don’t forget the Pilot’s Forum, dates to be announced in the news letter, an evenings get together where the CFI and his merry crew will be updating on the latest news and there’s a chance to catch up with other members with a bite to eat and a couple of beers.