The General Committee


Chairman of Land Grant Sub-committee

CHAN, Edmond

Vice President

Chairman of Pilot Sub-committee

MAURER, Ronald

Honorary Secretary

FENN, Lily

Honorary Treasurer

CHAN, Alvin

Chairman of Membership Sub-committee

CHAK, Simon

Chairman of Community Services Sub-committee

CHAN, Wai Kin

Chairman of HR Sub-committee


Chairman of House Sub-committee

HO, Clarence

Chairman of F & B Sub-committee

LEE, Joe

Chairman of Flight Operation Sub-committee

LI, John

Chairman of Engineering Sub-committee

LOH, Hogan

Chairman of Communications & PR Sub-committee

POON, Robert

Other Committee Members

LEUNG, Peter

WONG, Sai Kee

YAN, Andrew

Updated: 8 November 2016

The General Committee

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